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SFL Energy International Pte. Limited has been established to operate in regular & renewable energy business, necessary infrastructure development, maintenance of those infrastructures, trading of LNG & LPG, provide advisory services on power generation in the region of South Asia. Though the management is a Bangladeshi born Canadian Citizen who has previous experience in investing in power sector in Bangladesh. Right now, he wants to take energy sector of the South Asia region to the next step renewable energy sources like wind power plant, solar power plant and then step by step he has plan to go for hydro power plant, geothermal and tidal energy ensuring the protection of the environment of the region as well as the life and safety of the people. Main reason of incorporating the business in the Singapore is as the business will operate in the countries of South Asian region so, it would be much easier to run the business in every country from the Asian business hub Singapore. There will be head office of the business form where the country wise operational offices will be controlled and be provided necessary support.

Raheeb Safwan Sarafat Chowdhury


Raheeb Safwan Sarafat Chowdhury is a young and industrious businessman and entrepreneur. He’s a shareholder of Canadian Maple Equity Management Inc., an asset manager registered with Ontario Securities Commission. Canadian Maple Equity Management Inc. is a beneficiary owner of Unique Meghnaghat Power Limited (UMPL) operating in Bangladesh. It is a 584 MW(net) natural gas/Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) fired combined cycle power plant is under construction. The Project comprises of GE’s latest H-Class Gas Turbine (GT), GE 9HA.01 model, a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and a Steam Turbine (ST). Canadian Maple Equity Management Inc. is also investing as a beneficiary owner of a joint venture of 300 MW solar power plant at Subarnachar, Noakhali, Bangladesh which is at a very initial stage of investment. Raheeb is also a business researcher and travels frequently for seminars and business symposiums.

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Nationality/ Citizenship: SINGAPORE CITIZEN


Nationality/ Citizenship: SINGAPORE CITIZEN